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 Hello and welcome to Laura Franek Yoga!  

I am a Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited teacher based in South and Central London.  I teach group, private and corporate Yoga, specialising in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa for all abilities.  My classes are completely holistic in approach, placing a strong focus on alignment, breath and the presence of mind.  I also run bespoke classes including Yoga for Actors, Yoga for Children (I have an enhanced DBS Certificate), Meditation and Yoga Nidra (yogic deep sleep meditation). 

A little about me; as a child I trained as a dancer, singer and actor, and I continued these passions into my adult life, now working as a yoga teacher, actor and writer.  The importance of the connection between body, breath and mind continued with me from my dancing days, and deepened in recent years with my development in yoga.  I was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship to complete my Yoga Teachers Training Qualification in Rishikesh, India, and now I am accredited to teach internationally by Yoga Alliance Professionals. 

My classes will typically begin with a warm up that draws attention to the breath and basic technique.  Then we will move into asanas (sun salutations and postures), followed by pranayama (expansion of breath) and will end with meditation and relaxation. 


Classes are tailored to suite all abilities and provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, as I strongly believe that yoga is a deeply personal experience that can be started at any time.  You will not focus on how you look to the outside or on the mats of others, but on your unique journey looking inwards, as you grow in strength, acceptance and understanding of your own self.


I teach group classes in studios in Central London and South London.  Group classes are usually Hatha or Ashtanga Vinyasa (descriptions below) and are appropriate for all levels of experience, unless otherwise stated.  You can use the links below to book a session.


Hatha Yoga: a traditional form of yoga that develops strong awareness in asanas, focusing on technique and breath whilst sustaining poses for longer periods of time.


Ashtanga Yoga: a traditional, physically strong form of yoga, based upon the 8 limbs of yoga that integrates into all aspects of your life. It will challenge you, make you sweat and help you develop both inner and outer strength. 


Prices vary according to the studio so please see the booking form or contact me for rates, stating if you have a discount or recommendation.  You can pay with cash or card on the day.

I also run bespoke courses in Yoga for Actors and Yoga for Children which are booked separately.  Please contact me directly to enquire as to dates, rates and availability.

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“Having experienced numerous London-based yoga teachers and studios over the years, I am happy and relieved to have found one that I can connect to as much as Laura's.  Laura has a natural, refreshing and knowledgeable approach.  Her classes seamlessly follow a natural structure, and I leave feeling like I have worked hard, while at the same time mentally calm and rejuvenated.  Each week I can feel the differences in my body and see the strength building.  For anyone in the South East of London, I highly recommend Laura's Ashtanga classes!”

Rita L.

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I love hearing from you and would be delighted to discuss your questions about yoga in general, my classes or enquiries into availability for bespoke courses and corporate or private sessions.  

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